Winter fishing on trout

Many anglers are not aware that fishing in the frost and cold can be encouraging, exciting and as effective as any other time of the year. On a trip with us you can determine for yourself if this is true.

Nature decrees that fishing in the winter does not reduce the quality of fishing at other times of the year. There is nothing like fishing on a frozen lake. It is a unique experience. Come and judge for yourself. All areas of the lake are accessible when it is frozen, even those places that you can only dream of reaching in a boat.

Trout fishing is addictive. Fishermen who experience this pleasure once are hooked for life. Due to its popularity trout fishing continues through out the winter in Kazkhstan, The trout are quite active during this time of year. Trout fishing is a very interesting hobby in many ways. Trout may vary in size and length. You must be creative with your bait options, and trout have a fighters instinct to survive. Trout are very flavorful, and no matter in the wild or in a reservoir, they can grow to exceed 6 kg and a length of 70 cm. They have an incredible flavor. The average trout that are caught by Fishermen are around 1.5 kilos, but larger specimens are not uncommon.

Our tour will chnge your image of fishing, and your stay will be unforgettable!

Group: up to 3 people

Period: from February to March 10


1 day

At 9:00 am Departure from the hotel, Airport / Railway Station

At 15:00 you will arrive at the base camp of "Kurmet", and have time to get settled into a guest house.


Free time.

20:00 Dinner

22:00 Overnight in the guest house.

2 day

09:00 Breakfast

Drive to the lake, and begin fishing for trout.

The descent to the base


Free time


Overnight in the guest house

3 day

09:00 Breakfast

Drive to the lake, and begin fishing for trout.

The descent to the base


Free time

19:00 Dinner

Pack and prepare to return to Almaty

Overnight in the guesthouse

4 day

08:00 Breakfast

9:00 Departure to the city

15:00 Arrival in the city

For foreign citizens

Price for the tour, USD

369 $

Included in the tour price:

• Transportation from the airport/ train station to fishing lake

• 3 meals a day

• Accommodation in a guesthouse

• Fishing equipment /Tackle

The price does not include (on request)

• Medical insurance

• Hotel

• Transfer


Phone / WhatsApp: +7 707 596 80 31