Extreme hike to the lake Kolsai

Extreme Equestrian treks in the mountains of Kazakhstan to the beautiful lake Kolsai

Extreme equestrian trekking will give you an unforgettable impression of Kazakhstan, new emotions and a lot of stories to share with your family. Our extreme equestrian trek starts from the first of three Kolsai Lakes. You will climb up through the Karagay Bes pass to a world seen by very few. On the way you will meet with difficult terrain and steep paths, but these trials will only make you stronger. An experienced guide will accompany you through it all. There is a great chance that you will see beautiful and rare animals. This trek is suitable for all those that love nature.

Kolsai lake - one of the most beautiful places in Kazakh. The first lake, Sata, welcomes it’s guests at a height of 1.8 km above sea level. It is about two kilometers long, and is covered with thick ice in the winter. This beautiful lake located in the high mountains is breath taking.

The second Kolsai Lake to meet our guests is Mynzhylgy. It is 430 m above the lake Sata., and you must travers a narrow mountain trail to find it. Mynzhylgy is the largest and most beautiful of the three lakes. The traveler is rewarded for a long and difficult climb when he is met by the amazing scenery: a natural dam of fallen fir trees and picturesque landscapes"decorated" with alpine flowers, among which you will find glimpses of the snow-white Stars of Edelweiss.

The monutain raven of Karagay Bes is the lowest place in the mountain range that allows crossing. It is located west of the Kolsai lakes. It is surronded with amazin scenery that will delight the soul. The beauty is truly mesmerizing, and in every direction that you turn you see God’s all-perfect nature.

Do you desire to conqueror the mountain peaks? Do you want to experience the excitement of climbing higher than а mundane life? It is possible here with us in Kazakhstan! But remember extreme trekking will require all of your courage, agility and strength.

Extreme hike to the lake Kolsai

Tour package

Duration: 4 days / 3 nights.

Group: from 3 to 12 people

Period: From January to the 22nd of March


1 day

At 9:00 am departure from the hotel, Airport / Railway Station

At 15:00 You will arrive at the base of "Kurmet", and get settled in a guesthouse.


17:00 Instructions for extreme excursions.

19:00 Dinner

20:30 Preparations for the march on Kolsay Lake.

22:00 Overnight at the hotel.

2 day

7:00 rise

7:30 Breakfast.

8:30 Equestrian trek to lake Kolsay 1.

9:30 Arrive at Lake Kolsay 1, and take a walking tour

10:00 Equestrian trek to lake Kolsay 2.

13:00 Arrival at the lake.

14:00 Lunch

16:00 The descent back to the base.

20:00 Arrival at the base.


Overnight in the guest house.

3 day

7:00 rise

7:30 Breakfast

8:30 Equestrian trek to the Karagay Bes raven

12:00 Arrival at the pass. Sightseeing around the Karagay Bes raven

14:00 Lunch Free time. Walking and photo opportunities

16:00 The descent to the base

19:00 Arrival at the base.

20:00 Dinner.

21:00 Steam bath (optional)

Free time and preparation time for the return to Almaty

Overnight in the guesthouse.

4 day

8:00 rise

8:30 Breakfast

9:30 Departure to the city

15:00 Arrival in town

Group, number of people






Price per person, USD







• Transfer from the hotel to the camping site and back

• The organization of the camp and accommodations

• Transportation to the camp site, and the horse

• Guide services

• 3 meals a day during the tour and while camping (excl. Alcoholic beverages)

Not included:

• Flight

• Transfer from the airport to a hotel and back

• 4 * hotel in the city (~ 12800 n.)

• Bath during the tour (1500 tg 3 hours with 1 person)

• Fishing for Trout (1500 tenge per 1 kg)

Not recommended for people with poor health

Equipment necessary for the campaign:

  • Two pairs of warm pants or snow pants

  • Extra warm socks

  • Backpack

  • Gloves, hat, and a scarf

  • Insulated waterproof jacket

  • Warm clothes

  • Personal hygiene items


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