Bicycle Tour "Golden Man"

Bycicle Tour of Golden Man

Kazakhstan — the city of Almaty
Travel by bike to the city of Issyk.

Price per person — 136$
Group: up to 12 people

In the country of Kazakhstan there are a huge number of monuments and historical places. Many of them are widely known throughout the world and are regularly visited by hundreds of thousands of tourist from all over the world.

Our bike tour will be held within the city limits of the town Issyk. You will climb to great heights on your bicycle and see the unusual beauty of the Zaliski-Alatau Mountains. You will visit the museum of the “Golden Man,” which is located about 50 km from the city of Almaty, and the famous Issyk lake. The route to the Issyk Lake takes you outside Issyk City approximately 20 km. During your bike tour, an experienced guide will accompany you. If the ride is too strenuous for you, you will be provided with transport to complete the journey.

In 1969 a group of Kazakh scientists discovered unique archaeological artifacts in the Issyk burial sites. One of them was the “Golden Man” — the most famous archaeological discovery in the history of Kazakhstan, which has become an important symbol of Kazakhstan.

Currently, the Golden Man (golden warrior) who stands upon the winged leopard is one of the most valued symbols. Copies of the Saka warrior (Golden Man) exist in many cities of Kazakhstan; one of them crowns the Independence monument on the main square of Almaty city. The standard of the president of Kazakhstan also depicts the figure of a young leader of the Saka era on a winged leopard.

Bycicle tour of Golden man

Lake Issyk, which in the Kazakh Language means the door, is located in the Issyk Gorge within the boundaries of the Zaliski-Alatau National Park. The picturesque, high-altitude lake is surrounded unusually beautiful scenery and dense forests. It stands at an altitude of 1760 meters above sea level, and has beautiful wild flowers laced around its shores.

Rocks, forests, and alpine meadows surround the lake. Almost all kinds of flora grow here. There are several plants listed in the Red Book — feather grass Kungei, Adonis gold, Archa Cossack, Schrenk spruce, Edelweiss and others. The water in the lake is cold and clean. In it swim a large quantity of rainbow trout that live only in flowing spring water. In the surrounding mountains, there are more than 150 species of birds and almost 30 species of mammals, including murals, mountain goats, wolves, lynxes, bears and leopards.

This bicycle tour is suitable for everyone. You will not only get acquainted with the history of the region, but you will also see one of the most beautiful lakes in Kazakhstan.


          06: 00 — Meet near the shopping center “Magnum”
          06:30 — Departure by bicycle to the city of Issyk
          Arrival to the city of Issyk.
          Arrival to the Museum of the “Golden Man”
          Excursion around the museum
          Departure from the museum in route to the Issyk Lake
          Arrival at the lake.
          Lunch (snacks) Free time.
          Departure to the city by bicycle or by car (optional)
          Arrival in the city


         • Bicycle, helmet, elbow pads, knee pads
         • Guide
         • Lunch (snacks)
         • A car
         • Tickets to the museum