Hunting for birds

                                                                                      Hunting for birds

Kazakhstan-Almaty-the Enbekshikazakh district of the village Saymasay

Period: October - February.
Price for 1 person - 46000тг

In the area Saymasay has 15 hectares of land. Also about 40 channels of rivers and tributaries, which has a beneficial effect on the hunt - pheasants and ducks.

Every hunter knows that the corn fields are a promising place to hunt for birds. And since the region is agricultural and cultivated crop is corn, then this is a great place to hunt.

Hunting for pheasants and ducks are perfect for beginners and enthusiasts.

In addition, we can provide You with a night hunt for wild animals such as the wolf and the Jackal.

Note: Price for 1 hunting day + meals and overnight at the guest house. For foreigners additional charge for tax.