Bicycle tour "Tamgaly-Tas"

                                                                              Bicycle tour "Tamgaly-Tas"
The price is indicated for 1 person
Group up to 3 people-107$

Bicycle tours will be held within the territory of the pass Tamgaly-Tas. Throughout the journey you will be accompanied by an experienced guide. If the tour becomes too strenuous, you will be provided with transportation to complete the journey.

The Tamgaly-Tas pass is located in Kazakhstan about 170 kilometers north-west of the city of Almaty. The pass consists of huge cliffs with beautiful hieroglyphics. The meaning of Tamgaly-Tas  is «Paintings upon the Rocks».

This picturesque place attracts thousands of tourists!  On the rocks are found incredibly beautiful images of Buddha and Burkhanov. The rock paintings are accompanied by exquisite Tibetan inscriptions, which date back to the 14th  or 16th centuries. There are 18 cliffs with drawings, including three Buddha images. Together, the images in the Tamgaly-Tas pass are representative of a Buddhist sanctuary situated in the open air.

Among the Kazakh people, there is a legend about the origin of Buddhist rock paintings. So, according to this legend, once upon a time a caravan was coming through the pass heading in the direction of the river in order to cross it.  Suddenly, there was a strong earthquake. Right In front of the approaching caravan, and a huge bolder fell  from the high steep cliffs.  It slide straight into the water to form a bridge for them to cross upon. The pilgrims understood this as a blessing and help from the gods. In the Tamgaly-Tas pass, to this day, you can see the traces left behind by this earthquake, and the natural crossing created by nature itself.

The complex of Tamgaly-Tas is one of Kazakhstan's outstanding monuments of art, history and culture.  Visiting this gorge, being surrounded by the beautiful scenery, and feeling the energy of this ancient sacred place will make a lasting impression upon you.