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We are glad to welcome you to our site!
For each of us, the natural uninhabited areas of our native land are special and unique.

Our tour agency offers you vacations to the most unusual and beautiful corners of Kazakhstan.

The idea for this company originated in 2006, when we, ourselves, were discovering our homeland and it’s natural beauty. Kurmet Travel exists to bring you closer to nature and to introduce you to the interesting way of life of the people.

Kurmet Travel offers services that no other company can offer. We resist following the well-worn paths. Our desire is for our guests to intimately experience nature. Therefore, we organize long cycling, and hiking tours, and for those that have adventurous hearts, we also organize extreme sports tours.

A little bit about Kazakhstan: The ecological beauty of Kazakhstan is unprecedented. It connects the endless expanses of the steppes, the deserts burned by the sun, the mountain lakes and the summits, which were formed in the course of time. The beautiful mountains, forests, lakes, rivers and steppes are all the embodiment of a carefree childhood.

Our travel agency enables tourists not only to learn the history of Kazakhstan, but also to experience the charm of life among the Kazakh people. You will have a chance to try the national cuisine, learn some history, and familiarize yourself with the traditions. You may even ride a horse and with out question, you will enjoy the nature of Kazakhstan.

Over the course of 10 years, we have gained the experience that helps us to be a conduit to another world. This world is clean, beautiful and healthy.

We will help you forge everlasting memories as you conquer mountain peaks, out last hidden trails, and challenge Mother Nature.

Welcome to Kazakhstan. With Love, Kurmet Travel